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Cloud Accounting

BluuBin lives in the cloud.
This ensures 99% uptime, automatic software updates and we take care of the back-ups!

How do I benefit

Why You Need Online Accounting & Payroll

The new era of simple accounting software is here. Bookkeeping has never been this easy or affordable. BluuBin offers a range of simple, secure and affordable online accounting and payroll software solutions, all of which simplify the way you think about managing your business finances. Unrivaled features and process automation empowers small business owners to handle their own finances - eliminating the need for an expensive bookkeeper. Designed especially for growing small businesses, our accounting and payroll software will easily scale to enterprise level. We believe we have the best accounting software for small business in South Africa!

  • Automated Processing
  • Full debtors module
  • Recurring Invoices
  • Real-time Reporting
  • Bank Imports
  • Easy to use software

Features that make BluuBin like no other.


Collaboration in real-time

Review your finances in real-time, no batch processing means no more waiting for information. There is no need to wait for an expensive bookkeeper or accountant, track your business performance with monthly management reports from a single click.


Unparalleled accuracy

Having accurate, online and timely information is critical to the decision-making process. We have several reconciliation methods and many automated checks in place. This means your records will always be correct, accurate and reliable, keeping your accountant or bookkeeper happy!

life Saver

Top-notch support

BluuBin is well known for its unrivaled level of support. Compare our support to any other company and you will quickly see why more businesses choose us. We value our customers and believe that customer support is one of the most important aspects of an online service.

The immediate benefits of online accounting

No Upgrades

You'll always have the latest version of the accounting and payroll software, guaranteed. Putting YOU first with cutting edge technology!


We provide the most affordable online accounting and payroll software solution in South-Africa. What's more, our fees INCLUDE telephonic & e-mail support! Click here for pricing.

Cloud Based

BluuBin lives online in the cloud. This ensures 99% uptime, automatic software updates, real-time reporting and we take care of the back-ups!

Easily accessbile

Access your accounting records from anywhere, anytime, safely & securely. We support a wide variety of devices, from computers to tablets!

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